Like you, I’ve awakened to another day of desolation

Unconvinced to sink further in,

to step willingly into these quick sands.

I too, have held my sorrow like a young birch roots in a deep rain

Uncertain of my place, but alive.

I wore my wounds under heavy sleeves and black boots to keep me from the endless lift offs I had so easily perfected.

Like you, I stood prepared to fight an enemy that held my name,

The shame that noosed my neck.

But heavy was my sword, my boots untethered,

And I floated away into someone else, until I was never even there.



Red clay puddles

Cast cold wooden trees

Knock me over in my cemetery tracks

A posse of good looking men

Steal cigarette papers from the 7-Eleven

And roll us up into oblivion

My dungarees are heavy

Waiting for my shoes to make the next move.

© m. lonergan



Tumbling down side the silver pines

A smile wide as the desert ravages me in one slow minute

Moves me to shiver, to be giddy, to shine

We don’t have to impress one another

We’re comfortable on the sidewalks of our communal disgrace

I sink down further and further

Until they have to look up

Up at me…

© m. lonergan